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Focus on Volunteers

Welcome to the official Volunteer Website for SHRM's 2019 Annual Conference and Exposition, to be held in Las Vegas, June 23 - 26, 2019!

Our Volunteers are instrumental in the success of the conference. You'll have fun while networking and giving back to your profession. We couldn't do it without you!  Read on to find out more...

The Volunteer Lounge: Your home away from home

The Volunteer Lounge becomes the hub of the conference for all of our Volunteers.  You'll report to the Volunteer Lounge to get your conference badge, sign-in and out for your Volunteer shift(s), report in and out for your free day(s), eat your provided meal (before your shift), await your Team Leader and so much more!  We are so excited to see your bright and shining faces in the Lounge!

Earn Free Days or a Deep Discount on a Full Conference Registration!

In exchange for your Volunteer service:
1 Volunteer Shift Worked = 1 Free Conference Day!
2 Volunteer Shifts Worked = 2 Free Conference Days!
3 Volunteer Shifts Worked = Full Free Conference! (requires 1 Session Host shift) NOTE: A limited number of Volunteers may self-schedule up to three shifts for a free full conference registration provided they select at least one Session Host shift.

1-2 Shift Volunteers can also purchase a Full Conference Registration at a deep discount.

Volunteering is as Easy as 1--2--3!

As our animation demonstrates (see above), the process to Volunteer for the SHRM Annual Conference is a three step process:

1.   Apply online (available on January 4th 2019, initially to NV Residents from our Interest List only)

2.   Self-Schedule your Volunteer Shift(s) online (after application approval)

3.  Download, fill-out and email/fax your Volunteer Registration Form (link to be supplied via email after application approval)


Our primary goal is to make volunteering easy, so we've set-up the Volunteer Lounge as the hub for you and your
Team Leaders to connect and for you to start your day.  You only need to go to one place to get your conference badge, Volunteer shirt, sign-in and out for your shift(s), sign-in and out for your free day(s), eat and await your Team Leader for deployment.  How great is that!

Volunteer shifts typically range from 5-8 hours.

A meal is provided in the Volunteer Lounge at the start of your shift so you're fueled and ready to go!  No need to arrive early to eat since meal time is built into your shift.  One meal per Volunteer per day.

Also, breaks are provided during your shift(s) so you can quickly recharge.

In addition to our Volunteer needs during the conference, a limited number of shifts are available pre-conference, starting as early as Thursday, June 20th.  Volunteers can also attend the conference before or after their shift(s), depending on the conference schedule.


SHRM Annual Conferences provide opportunities for a wide variety of Volunteer assignments.  From Packet/Bag Stuffing to Session Hosts, there are many Volunteer roles that are well-suited for our HR Professionals!

Want to know a great place to start to learn more about our Volunteer roles?  Visit our Job Descriptions page to learn more about each Volunteer assignment.

NOTE:  Some Volunteer roles have very limited scheduling opportunities, so make sure to self-schedule as soon as you receive your "Your Application Was Processed" email to try to get your top preference(s)!

Once you receive "Your Volunteer Application Was Processed" email, your Volunteer profile has been activated and you can access our self-scheduling system via the link in the email or by clicking here.

Click on the "Sign-up" button and look for the "Help Wanted" signs in the calendar to start the easy self-scheduling process.  Although we allow our Volunteers to self-schedule based on their assignment preferences, please understand that we may need to re-assign some Volunteers on an as-needed basis, so we appreciate your flexibility!



Session Host shifts are available Saturday to Wednesday, June 22-26.

Introduce speakers and manage the execution of the concurrent educational sessions which will include Mega Sessions and Master Series in conjunction with SHRM Staff

Maintain headcounts

Distribute and collect evaluations

Serve as runners, hall monitors and couriers of materials

Strong public speaking and crowd management


Ambassador shifts are available Saturday to Wednesday, June 22-26

Provide directions, information and assistance to attendees throughout the convention center and host hotels

Outgoing, friendly, helpful. Must possess the ability to deal with stressful situations with calm diplomacy.

NOTE: Volunteers must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.


SHRMStore shifts are available Thursday to Wednesday, June 20-26. SHRMStore Volunteers are asked to work a minimum of 2 shifts in the store due to training requirements.

Assist with set-up and breakdown of the store

Assisting attendees with information and product location, speaker book signings, and stocking inventory

Assist with packing up the store at the conclusion of the conference

Volunteers must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time and be able to lift heavy boxes.

Volunteer Application

If you are a Member of SNVSHRM or another NV Chapter, visit our online Volunteer Application after our launch on January 4, 2019 to begin the three step process:
1. Apply
2. Self-Schedule
3. Email/Fax in your Volunteer Conference Registration Form.

Upon Application approval, your online account will be activated and you will be able to access our self-scheduling system by clicking here.

After Nevada recruiting, Residents of other approved states on our Interest List will receive an opportunity to volunteer.  If we still have shifts available after Interest List recruiting, Chapter Members from the Approved States will be invited to volunteer (AK, AZ, CO, HI, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA and WY.)  Thank you for your interest in volunteering!