Volunteer Job Descriptions

Read on to find out more about our main Volunteer Assignments.
Note: Recently added (new) Assignments may not have job descriptions yet.  Please visit back periodically for any updates.

Volunteers work alongside SHRM staff in greeting members arriving at the airport/hotel(s) and directing them to our registration counter(s) 

Volunteers will also assist in printing badges and distributing information.  

Must be able to maintain an upbeat, energized and fun attitude.

Ensure a safe environment with direction from SHRM staff

Notes: Outgoing personalities are best suited to this assignment. Volunteers must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.  Most (if not all) of these positions require volunteers to report directly to their satellite locations vs. the Volunteer Lounge for Satellite shifts.  Transportation is not provided since these are "Direct Report" positions.  Parking may require a fee, so please be prepared if you need to park at the Satellite Location.  Although we try to negotiate free or discounted parking for our volunteers, it may not be available in a particular city/location.

Provide directions, information and assistance to attendees throughout the convention center and host hotels.

The most effective ambassadors are outgoing, friendly and helpful and possess the ability to deal with stressful situations with calm diplomacy.

Are trained and deployed onsite and should arrive at the center well in advance of shift start time in order to check-in, receive training and reach posted station.

Notes: Mobility is required in this position. Volunteers are required during the entire event. Volunteers must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.

Staffs the Bag and Badge Holder Pick-Up desk.

Provides attendees with registration collateral.

Serve as additional information resource for attendees by answering questions regarding general information.

Exchange tickets for Tuesday Night Show.

Serve as a Lost & Found booth.

Notes: Does not perform registration duties or process payments. Volunteers must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.

Assist attendees in selecting a restaurant from our pre-determined list

Monitor the number of reservations and adjusting them with the restaurants as necessary each day.

Notes: Meet to Eat is dining and networking program primarily for attendees traveling alone to meet fellow practitioners. Volunteers on duty throughout the conference and supported by a contracted restaurant reservations service

Table Leaders: Organize teams of Bag Finishers, Bag Counters, and Bag Stuffers

Bag Stuffers: Insert the printed material into the bags

Bag Finishers: Ensure that conference bags are filled in a proscribed manner

Bag Counters: Maintain an accurate count of conference bags and the proper placement (stacking) in bag receptacles.

Notes: This is a popular assignment since shifts are completed prior to the conference starts. Volunteers must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time.

Introduce speakers and manage the execution of the concurrent educational sessions which will include Mega Sessions and Master Series in conjunction with SHRM Staff

Maintain headcounts

Distribute and collect evaluations

Serve as runners, hall monitors and couriers of materials

Notes: Desired skills are strong public speaking and crowd management.

It is preferred that Book Store Volunteers sign-up for at least 2 shifts in the Bookstore due to the amount of training required

Assist with set-up and breakdown of the store

Assist store operations by assisting attendees with information and product

location, speaker book signings, and stocking inventory

Assist with packing up the store at the conclusion of the conference

Notes: The greatest need for volunteers is during both set-up and tear down. Volunteers must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time. Volunteers must be able to lift heavy boxes.

Assist with last-minute assignments

Should be flexible

Notes: This area is for any unanticipated or one-time efforts that require onsite volunteer support.

Serve as Ambassadors at the Tuesday night entertainment  

Must be able to stand and walk for extended periods of time, maintain an upbeat, energized and fun attitude 

Ensure a safe environment with direction from SHRM staff

Notes: Training and information is provided the afternoon of the event and volunteers are able to enjoy the show.

As this position requires detailed training, all Volunteers for this position must schedule three shifts for this Assignment and be available to work ANY DAY/TIME between June 20th and June 26th. Please submit your online Volunteer Application, then send an email to shrmvolunteers@nthdegreegroup.net for consideration.  You will be manually scheduled via telephone for your three shifts.

Volunteer Lounge Volunteers will assist the Hosting Chapter (SNVSHRM) and the on-site Management Team with:

Volunteer Registration/Bag&Badge Pick-up
and Sign-outs for shifts
and out for free days
Managing inventory
Steaming Volunteer shirts
Organizing/cleaning the lounge
Assist with creating reports for SHRM and the Team Leaders/Co-Chairs
Assist Volunteers with scheduling changes/cancellations and more.

Notes: Basic computer skills are required to aid you in learning our custom, internet-based software + SHRM's badge printing software. Due to the number of tasks to learn on-the-job, an ability to learn quickly and good communications skills are a must.  On-the-job training will be provided on all of our electronic and manual systems.