Self-Scheduling Portal Guide

Volunteers can access our self-scheduling system ONLY AFTER their Volunteer Application has been accepted and processed, usually 24-48 hours after submission.  Once processed, we'll activate the user name (email address) and login password you indicated on the application, and email you the link to the self-scheduling system.

If your Volunteer Application has already been processed, feel free to click here to visit the Self-Scheduling Portal (this link is also included in "Your Application Was Processed" email.)

In the Self-Scheduling Portal, you can:
Schedule your Shift(s)
View/Print your Scheduled Shifts
Update your Volunteer Application/Profile Information
Change Your Password
Retrieve a Forgotten Password

To schedule your shift(s):
Click on the "Sign-up" button in the Self-Scheduling Portal and click on any "Help Wanted" signs posted in the onscreen calendar to get started, and follow the onscreen prompts.  If there are no signs in particular day(s), all shifts in all Assignments are full for those day(s).

You can schedule a maximum of 3 shifts, though there is a limited number of 3 shift schedules.  Once depleted, you can schedule a maximum of 2 shifts.  NOTE:  Three shift schedules require at least one Session Host shift.

1 Volunteer Shift Worked = 1 Free Conference Day!
2 Volunteer Shifts Worked = 2 Free Conference Days!
3 Volunteer Shifts Worked = Full Free Conference!

(3 shift schedules require one Session Host shift; SHRMStore requires a minimum of 2 shifts; Packet Stuffing allows only 1 Packet Stuffing shift per Volunteer) 

To view your schedule:
Sign-in to the Self-Scheduling Portal and click on the "My Schedule" tab

To change your schedule:
Changing is a manual process as changes impact recruitment efforts.  Email us via our "Get In Touch" Contact Form with your shift(s) to cancel and your available day(s) for rescheduling for our Logistics Team to assist.  Rescheduling is not guaranteed and is based on availability.

Volunteer shifts typically range from 5-8 hours.

A meal is provided in the Volunteer Lounge at the start of your shift so you're fueled and ready to go!  No need to arrive early to eat since meal time is built into your shift.  One meal per Volunteer per day.

Breaks are provided during your shift(s) so you can quickly recharge.

In addition to our Volunteer needs during the conference, there are a limited number of shifts available pre-conference, starting as early as Thursday, June 20th.  These fill-up fast, so make sure to apply early and self-schedule as soon as you receive the "Your Volunteer Application Was Processed" email!

Volunteers can also attend the conference before or after their shift(s), during the regular conference schedule.